The Scala Language

Victor Rentea
The Scala Language

Acest curs este predat în limba română, iar materialele sunt în limba engleză şi/sau în limba română, după caz.

La cerere, cursul poate fi personalizat.

Prerequisites: min 2-3 years in an imperative language like Java, C, PHP, JS.

The course is organized as a continuous workshop: the attendees will write code all the time, as we
progress through the topics, to experiment and play with each concept covered. In several such
exercises, larger programs will be written. However, due to the extremely compact syntax of Scala, the
actual size of the code to write will never represent an impediment – the programs are short, though at
times cryptic at first.

Caracteristici curs

  • Capitole 14
  • Durata 5 Zile
  • Nivel cunostinte Orice nivel
  • Limba Romana
  • Cursanti 12
  • Ziua 1

    • Capitol 1.1 First lines in Scala – Basic Language Syntax Locked 0m
    • Capitol 1.2 Classes and Objects Locked 0m
  • Ziua 2

    • Capitol 2.1 Designing a Functional Object – the Rational class Locked 0m
    • Capitol 2.2 Control structures Locked 0m
  • Ziua 3

    • Capitol 3.1 Functions and closures Locked 0m
    • Capitol 3.2 Control abstractions Locked 0m
    • Capitol 3.3 Composition and inheritance – fill the gaps exercises Locked 0m
  • Ziua 4

    • Capitol 4.1 Scala class hierarchy Locked 0m
    • Capitol 4.2 Traits Locked 0m
    • Capitol 4.3 Packages Locked 0m
    • Capitol 4.4 Unit tests – ScalaTest Locked 0m
  • Ziua 5

    • Capitol 5.1 Case Classes and Pattern Matching Locked 0m
    • Capitol 5.2 Scala Collections API: Hands-on exercises to explore the API Locked 0m
    • Capitol 5.3 Overview of concepts in Play Framwork (Demo) [opt, to ellaborate] Locked 0m
Victor Rentea
Sr. Dev, Team Lead, Lead Architect at IBM Romania; Technical Trainer & Coach; Oracle Certified Java EE Architect, International Conference Speaker